Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wimbledon: Centre Court Style File

It's no secret that I enjoy watching and playing tennis. If you follow KPFJ on twitter, then you also know that I'm a diehard Rafael Nadal fan and that I was ecstatic that he followed up his tournament win at Roland Garros with the title at Wimbledon this year! (Now on to the US Open in August!)

How cute is Rafa in his tux at the 2010 Wimbledon champions dinner? (image via

And as you might imagine, the combination of tennis and fashion makes me positively giddy. Consequently, I was delighted to see GQ's Wimbledon Edition of The Wandering Eye pop up in my Twitter feed this morning with some great "street style" shots by Gordon Von Steiner. London was uncharacteristically hot during the two week tournament and Von Steiner captured a number of fantastic images of Wimbledon staff and attendees in their preppy summer duds. Below are some of my favorite pics.

And one Rafa action shot for good measure...le sigh.

To view all of the pictures in The Wandering Eye - Wimbledon Edition, click here.


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