Friday, April 2, 2010

To Whom It May Concern: It Is Springtime. It Is Late Afternoon.

I just love that quote - it's the first few lines from Kurt Vonnegut's Slapstick or Lonesome No More! : A Novel. The simple statements conjure up a plethora of memories of Spring afternoons spent outside with my family and friends. If you live in the NYC area, hopefully you're taking advantage of the gorgeous Spring weather we've had the last couple of days (after about a week of rainy days!)

Beautiful, fragrant flowers in a flower box on the Upper East Side

Spring is probably my favorite season in New York - I love watching the city wake from a (very) long Winter slumber. Yesterday, throngs of people were frolicking in Central Park, dining au frais in true Parisian cafe-style and taking their best little four legged friends on walks.

Heading up Park Avenue in the 70's to the 79th Street entrance of Central Park - not bad for an iPhone pic!

As a much needed afternoon work break, I took my beagle pup, Chloe, out for a long walk up Park Avenue and then over to Central Park for some great people watching. (Ok, Chloe is not a puppy. She's 5 years old, but she still looks - and acts - like a pup!) I snapped a couple of pictures during our walk to the Park, but the sensory overload of street dancers, rollerbladers and silent iPod ravers (yes, that's a real about it here) upon arrival was a little distracting for both of us, so we only were able to get a few Park pics this time!

Bethesda Terrace in the heart of Central Park

The Mall lined by hearty American Elms. (No, not that kind of mall. Think a grand promenade.)

Chloe was pretty tuckered out and napped for most of the afternoon, although she did get a little printing/paperwork done before the end of the work day.

Chloe napping/overseeing the print jobs.

Make sure you get outside today even if it's only for a few minutes during your lunch break - fresh air can make such a difference in the quality of your day!


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