Friday, April 16, 2010

CP Guest Blog: Laptops and Lounge Chairs

Hi dolls!

KP's and my workation is well underway and so far it's been très magnifique!

After a bit of a hold up at baggage check...

Chloe, the baggage check beagle.

...some mayjah delays at the airport and several blog posts - (during which, a fellow JetBlue traveler, impressed by our work ethic, said he wasn't sure whether to give me or the girl sitting next to me (KP!) the hardest working prize!) - we were on our way to sunny FL!

It's been a week full of multi-tasking, to say the least - laptops by the pool are de rigueur in FL - if only we could cut down on that glare!

On Friday, KP and I enjoyed a lovely excursion to Key Biscayne and Bal Harbour.

Me and KP at the Ritz Carlton in Key Biscayne...we had a meeting there...really!

While in BH we made our way down Collins Avenue for a requisite trip to the Bal Harbour shops... who doesn't love a little Bottega Veneta, Yves Saint Laurent, Hermès, Cartier & Ralph Lauren in the middle of the day???

While the shopping was fabuleux, my personal fave was the koi pond!

Walking the plank? Not the first to encounter credit card stress at the Bal Harbour shops...

This poor little guy looks like he's about to jump ship!

Ta ta for now - bisous!

xx CP

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