Friday, April 9, 2010

The Carry-On Conundrum

With our workation (a.k.a. our work-slash-vacation) less than a week away it seems appropriate to begin mulling over which clothes, accessories and cosmetics will make the dreaded Carry-On cut (ie: how many dresses, cardis, shoes and hair straightening supplies CP and I can shove in our bag before our Hamptons weekender tote overfloweth.) Checking luggage has become increasingly bothersome and time-consuming (wasting time in the baggage claim area is so 1987) that in our humble opinion, Carry-On is the only way to go.

80's flashback scene on the set of Sex and the City 2 (image via

So with packing space at a premium, wardrobe selection becomes a tad more calculated by necessity. Fortunately, one solution to this Carry-On conundrum of how to chose the perfect double-duty workation wardrobe happens to be one of my not-so-hidden talents: shopping.

Consequently, I've compiled a Spring wardrobe "wishlist" for a bit of shopping/packing inspiration. For our purposes, let's call this "wishlist" Gucci Resort 2010 because I literally want every look from this collection to magically appear in my closet.

Let the drooling commence...

A handful of my favorite looks from Gucci's Resort 2010 collection.

Insta-chic dresses along with sartorial staples like chambray shirts, tailored blazers and trenches are plentiful in Gucci's Resort 2010 collection and pair back perfectly with khaki shorts or white jeans.

A stop at J. Crew's Collection Store on Madison Avenue and 79th Street is definitely on the pre-packing To Do List for stocking up on button down shirts, khaki shorts and utilitarian/military-inspired jackets and outerwear. Here are some versatile options from J. Crew's Spring/Summer offering:

Available on

A multi-purpose jacket, two printed dresses, two pairs of shorts, a couple chambray shirts, white jeans, a cardi or two and some V-neck t-shirts et voilĂ  - the Carry-On packing list is complete! Err, almost complete...don't forget to leave room for the shoes!


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