Thursday, March 18, 2010

If It Looks Like Spring and It Feels Like Spring... it really Spring yet? After surviving our fair share of "Snowmageddons" this winter in New York City, it's no surprise that I'm somewhat hesitant to believe that this string of days with gorgeous weather isn't just some cruel meteorological fluke. Does someone have a Farmer's Almanac I can consult (and by Farmer's Almanac, I mean the April issue of Vogue)?

What's that? Ah ha! That's Vogue's annual Shape Issue (with a very svelte post-baby bump looking Gisele on the cover) - the seasonal harbinger of Spring!

Open your windows, break out the sandals and store you winter coats! You can rest easy tonight knowing that Anna W. has given the climate Gods That Be a stern talking to -- luckily for us, Anna is nothing if not convincing (have you seen The September Issue??)


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