Monday, March 1, 2010

Gem Gossip's DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: Kristin Pasternak Jewelry

If you like your jewelry served with a little side of history as I do, I recommend that you find your way over to the blog Gem Gossip and dig in! I've particularly enjoyed GG blogger, Danielle's recent posts Titanic Lost Jewelry: The Artifact Exhibition and The Antique Jewelry in the Movie: The Young Victoria which offer some fascinating facts about jewelry in a historical context.

I've had the pleasure of communicating with Danielle over the past couple of months and I have participated in a couple of her very popular Show Me Your Rings posts. When I received an email from Danielle a couple of weeks ago to discuss the possibility of doing a Designer Spotlight on Kristin Pasternak Fine Jewelry, I was extremely flattered to be considered especially given the talented roster of past designers (think Nicole Landaw, Karen Karch and C Greene) that have been featured in Gem Gossip's Designer Spotlight.

I learned last Thursday that Danielle had posted the blog and I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome! Below is Gem Gossip's DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT on Kristin Pasternak Fine Jewelry:

To read the entire post, click here. And don't forget to add Gem Gossip to your RSS feed!

Merci beaucoup, Danielle!


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